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          Digital Grid
          As a provider of green energy system solutions, Dongfang Electronics (hereinafter referred to as “DFE”) is committed to providing comprehensive innovative products and solutions. By applying digital information technology, we’ve realized “source-network-load-storage” integrated operation; by increasing our R&D spending on our strength, we’ve achieved independent development and upgrading of core technologies in key areas, lending impetus to the construction of a new-generation power system.。
          Digital Energy
          We fulfill our vision of building a digital enterprise and empowering a digital society with concrete actions. Our comprehensive energy management service is dedicated to building an energy management system that can realize multi-energy (such as wind, light, water and fire etc.) complementary utilization and combined supply of cooling, heating and gas. In response to customers’ needs, we can provide customized comprehensive energy-saving and high-efficiency energy management integrated solutions that can greatly improve energy use efficiency.
          Digital Society
          By using Internet and RFID technology, we connect physical infrastructure, information infrastructure, social infrastructure and commercial infrastructure in cities through comprehensive sensing, interconnected transmission and intelligent applications and develop a city life system, with the aim of creating a better life for people, and promoting harmonious and sustainable growth of cities.。
          Typical Cases
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