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          Position:Home > Talent > Career growth
          Working environment

          Dongfang Electronics has been striving to provide employees with a comfortable and healthy office environment: garden-like factory area, intelligent office building, tidy office space and clear staff canteen...

          We put the pursuit of “green office” into every detail around our employees.


          In order to promote the growth of employees, the Company has designed 6 single-line career development channels and 4 composite career development channels for employees, so that employees can focus more on their future development direction and work for it.

          At the same time, the Company also implemented the career mentor system, to give each new employee with a senior staff as a career mentor, by which the career mentor provides guidance and help in work, study and life for the new employees, so that the new employees can adapt to the corporate culture and work environment in a short period of time, improve their work skills, and meet the requirements of the post.

          Staff training

          Through continuous training, achieving rapid growth is not only the Company's pursuit of the goal, but also the most cherished characteristics of Dongfang’s employees. As a high-tech IT enterprise, the Company has established a systematic and standardized employee training management system. Multi-level and multi-category training ensures that all employees can get the opportunity to improve their knowledge and ability.

          Pre-job training

          Company overview, Jingjin Model, corporate culture, product knowledge, rules and regulations, etc.

          On-the-job training

          Professional theory, professional skills, work flow, experience exchange, etc.

          Off-job training

          Professional knowledge, industry exchanges, new technology learning, etc.

          Degree training

          Cooperate with Xi'an Jiaotong University, Tianjin University, Shandong University and other well-known universities, regularly select some key employees to study on-the-job engineering master's degree and MBA degree

          Performance management

          Focusing on customer needs, the Company continuously optimized performance management methods and processes with the help of performance management tools such as Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and established a comprehensive performance management and control system based on Jingjin management.

          At the level of employee performance management, the organizational goals are finally converted into KPI indicators for different positions by decomposing the objectives layer by layer, and the performance of each employee is checked through periodic appraisal, thus ensuring the continuous improvement and enhancement of employee’s personal performance.

          Compensation and benefits

          Maintaining moderate competitiveness in compensation is the basic compensation strategy of Dongfang Electronics. Employee compensation consists of basic compensation and performance bonus, the former depends on the value of the position and the employee's ability, while the latter depends on the employee's performance.

          The Company has a sound social security and welfare system for employees: five insurances and one provident fund, transportation subsidies, heating subsidies, double holidays, statutory holidays, paid annual leave, free working meals, single employee apartments, etc.

          The Company pays attention to the physical and mental health of employees, organizes an employee health check-up every year, and also establishes an employee mental health management center.

          Learning and growth

          We believe that the competitiveness of enterprises is based on the learning ability of individuals, teams and organizations. To win in the competition, you must learn and grow faster than your competitors. To this end, Dongfang’s goals, directions and methods of learning are:

          Learning emphasizes systematic thinking, mental model, self-transcendence, autonomous learning, dialogue and communication. It needs to effectively conduct knowledge management as well as modularized or repeatable learning while building a knowledge management platform.

          Learn and grow in an open atmosphere, and learn from customers, suppliers and competitors. Learning should be linked to performance and is conducted on the job.

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